Anti Squirrel Bird Feeders

If you find yourself watching squirrels more than birds at your bird feeder, you are probably wondering how you can keep them away and what type of bird feeder would be the best choice. Fortunately there are many types of squirrel proof bird feeders to consider.

Here are some of our favorite squirrel proof bird feeders:

Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Wild Bird Feeder

One of the top rated bird feeders with over 500 5-star reviews, this is one of the most effective bird feeders at keeping squirrels away and birds happy. It works by making it so when a squirrel tries to grasp the perch to access the seeds, the holes close making it impossible for the squirrel to gain access.

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Belle Fleur Grande Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

This large squirrel proof feeder is designed with a cage around the feeder to deter gray squirrels from seed while small and medium sized birds can still access the seed quite easily. It is an attractive and affordable option and while some pesky squirrels will still find ways to reach the seed that falls onto the bottom tray, it will at least prevent them from completely depleting the feeder quickly.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

When buying an anti squirrel bird feeder, there are many things you will want to take into consideration. Here are some tips for finding the right feeder for you:

Type of Feeder: Most squirrel proof feeders are known as tube bird feeders, such as the two shown above. This is because unlike traditional bird houses they are easier to enclose and protect. Be wary of bird feeders that claim to be squirrel proof but are of other designs, as they may not offer the protection you desire.

Realize There is No 100% Guarantee the Squirrels Won’t Figure it Out: Squirrels are very smart animals, and even with the best reviewed feeders there is still a slight chance that a squirrel will figure out how to get to the seed. However, some review better than others, so it is best to stick to those that have the most five star reviews.

Consider Seed Spillage: Another thing to consider is seed spillage, which can happen if a feeder does not have a tray. While a tray may attract squirrels, it will help reduce spillage and keep the seed fresh for the birds to eat.

Look for Warranties: One of the reasons we are such a big fan of the Brome Squirrel Buster Bird Feeders is because they come with a warranty and they have excellent customer service. If for any reason you run into problems with their feeders, they will be quick to respond.

We hope this will help you find the right squirrel proof feeder for you so you can go back to enjoying feeding the birds without worrying about squirrels eating everything. If you have any questions about anti squirrel feeders, feel free to ask us anything in the comments section below – we’re always more than happy to help!

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