How to Make a Homemade Wood Bird Feeder

Making a homemade wood bird feeder is not difficult to do with a few basic materials and can a fun project you can finish in as little as an hour depending on what style you choose to make and how elaborate you want to make it.

For advanced woodworkers, the very best birdhouses and bird feeder plans are available from Ted’s Woodworking – as well as 16,000+ other detailed woodworking plans to download.

For those who may not be comfortable with measuring and cutting wood, we suggest using a bird feeder kit that will give you all of the supplies you need for about the same price you would pay for materials at the store. Below are some of our favorite bird feeder kits:

Pine Pro Bird Feeder Kit

This is a very simple bird feeder that is easy to make. The kit includes all of the wood necessary (made from pine), but you will need to supply your own sandpaper, glue, and paint if you wish to paint it afterward. Most of the reviewers found it great for a project to do with children and that it can be assembled in under an hour or so. For under $10 with free shipping, this is a great value.

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Hammond Wood Bird Feeder Kit

This kit comes with all of the pieces of wood pre-cut, as well as the nails needed to assemble it all together – all you need is a hammer, and of course sandpaper and paint if you wish to decorate it. Here is a view of all of the pieces included in this kit:

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Fire Truck Bird Feeder

Who says a bird feeder has to look like a house? This unique bird feeder kit is a fire truck, making for a unique way to feed the birds. This kit includes 25 wood pieces, 30 screws (plus 3 extra), 1 screwdriver, 1 hanging hook and instructions.

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Where to Find Wooden Bird Feeder Plans Online

If you are looking for even more homemade wood bird feeder plans, here are some additional resources:

Ted’s Woodworking Plans: 16,000+ detailed woodworking plans to download.

We will update this list when we find more detailed tutorials on building a homemade wooden bird house.

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    How much is the Pine Pro Bird Feeder Kit? is it available o line and does the price include delivery to Ottery, Cape Town Southern Suburbs?
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