Oriole Bird Feeders

Orioles are a favorite amongst bird watchers, and an oriole bird feeder can provide for many hours of bird watching entertainment, as well as provide food for these brightly colored birds known for their rich whistling songs. Orioles like to feed on fruits, jam, and nectar, making them need their own special type of bird feeder. Below we’ll take a look at some of the different types of oriole bird feeders available to purchase.

Woodlink Brushed Copper Oriole Fruit Feeder

This attractive umbrella design oriole feeder is amongst our favorites not just for its unique design appeal, but also for the versatility and quality worksmanship. It features two jar containers, perfect for nectar or jam, as well as two spikes to place fruit such as oranges, apples, or pears on.

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Cherry Valley Feeder 40-Ounce Plastic Orange Oriole Feeder

This is a very cute and inexpensive nectar oriole bird feeder that is easy to maintain and fill. The bright orange color is sure to attract orioles as well.

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Oriole Jam Jelly Feeder

Orioles love grape jelly, and this bird feeder is perfect for hanging a jar of jam for them to enjoy. It fits 10-14 ounce jars and is easy to setup and enjoy. For around $10, this is a great value and a great way to feed orioles.

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Things to Consider When Looking for Oriole Bird Feeders

When shopping for an oriole birdfeeder, there are many things to consider to help you make the right purchase for you. Below are some things to look for when deciding on the right bird feeder for you.

Type of Feed Used: Orioles eat nectar, which you can buy, as well as jelly and jam and fresh fruits. Their favorite foods are grape jelly and oranges, though they will also eat apples and pears as well. When deciding on an oriole bird feeder, think about what type of feed you will most likely want to use. Many people prefer nectar as it is easy to use and refill, but it can often attract bees to the feeder and those types of feeders can sometimes be prone to leaking. For this reason, many people prefer to stick with jams and fresh fruit instead.

Where You Will Hang the Feeder: You should also carefully consider where you will hang the feeder, as there are many different options for this. While some enjoy hanging feeders near their windows, this can sometimes be problematic for the birds.

User Reviews: User reviews will tell you a lot about oriole bird feeders, but its important to remember that user experiences will vary. Some areas have many orioles, while others may not have as many. For this reason, you’ll want to look mostly at quality rather than whether or not it attracted birds. Usability for the birds is also an important quality to look for – some have flawed designs where the birds cannot easily perch to feed.

Orioles are a great bird to have around your yard or garden, and attracting them is relatively easy with the right type of feeder. We hope you found this article useful and informative and if you have any questions about oriole bird feeders feel free to ask them in the comments section below!

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