Soda Bottle Bird Feeders

Soda bottle bird feeders are a great way to recycle plastic soda bottles, and the birds like them too. They are lightweight, easy to fill and use, and it will attract a number of small birds.

Here are some popular soda bottle bird feeders:

Channel Craft Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

This inexpensive soda bottle bird feeder is a popular choice and is made in the USA. It can be hung or mounted to a pole and is easy to fill and maintain.

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Mcnaughton Soda Bottle Bird Feeder Kit

This soda bottle bird feeder kit, made out of recycled plastic, fits 16 oz, 20 oz, or 2 Liter bottle sizes and makes it very easy for you to make your own soda bottle bird feeder.

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Terra Cotta Soda Bottle Wild Bird Hanging Feeders

This Terra Cotta soda bottle bird feeder includes a feeding tray, perch, and hanger to attach to your recycled soda bottles and includes a free filling funnel. Easy to hang and use, this is another great option for making your own soda bottle bird feeder.

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How to Make Your Own Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

While using a kit is the easiest way to make a pop bottle bird feeder, it is not too difficult to make your own.

Materials Needed
1 2 liter pop bottle
2 wooden dowel rods (you can also use small wooden spoons)
A knife
A pair of scissors
Piece of Rope or Twine

Note: Always be careful when cutting holes into a plastic soda bottle. The bottle can easily slip/turn, so be sure to use caution! Only adults should use knife and scissors!

Here is a short video showing how you can make your own bird feeder:

Do you have any questions or comments about soda bottle bird feeders? Share your thoughts below!

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