Suet Bird Feeder

Suet is a popular form of food for the birds, and will help give them much needed fat and nutrients for surviving the especially harsh winter months. In this post we’ll take a look at some of the common types of suet bird feeders as well as some tips for choosing the right suet feeder for you.

Here are some popular types of suet bird feeders:

Woodlink Deluxe Cedar Bird Feeder with Suet Cages

This deluxe cedar bird feeder has places for two suet cakes as well as a place for regular bird seed, making it a great feeder to attract a wide variety of birds.

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Heath Manufacturing Single Hanging Suet Feeder

Perhaps one of the most common styles of suet bird feeders, this simple rust resistant cage hangs from a tree or pole and will easily hold a suet cake for the birds. For less than $5, this is an affordable option to try out a suet bird feeder to see what types of birds it attracts.

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C & S Products Easy Fill Deluxe Snak/Suet Feeder with Roof and Platform

This stylish, easy to fill suet feeder features a roof which will help protect the suet cakes, as well as a perch so perching birds will also be able to access the feeder.

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Natures Way Cedar Upside Down Suet Box

This Upside Down Suet Box Feeder is made out of cedar and makes for an inexpensive, long-lasting way to offer suet in a way that will deter squirrels as well as nuisance birds such as starlings and others. Holds two cakes of suet and is priced right.

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Cherry Valley Sunflower Hanging Suet Feeder

This attractive and brightly colored suet feeder is a unique addition to your garden and will likely attract a number of nice birds to the feeder. Made out of rust resistant metal, it is a durable feeder and easy to fill, clean, and maintain.

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Tips for Buying Suet Feeders

Remember Type of Suet is Important: The type of suet you choose is just as important as the type of feeder you choose, as different birds are attracted the most to different types of foods.

Read User Reviews With a Grain of Salt: It is always a good idea to read users reviews, especially when purchasing something online. However, keep in mind that experiences with bird feeders will greatly vary from one person to the next. Some areas have lots of birds, other areas may have problems with common pests such as squirrels or starlings.

Less is More: While there are a number of elaborate suet feeders, most people will find that even the most basic of a suet feeder cage is plenty enough to satisfy the birds.

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